Know Your Reader

Snow in the Cotswolds

One of our #Blogging101 tasks included getting to know your reader. I enjoyed this immensely, reading many and varied blogs from fellow students around the world in order to find out a little about them.

For my Reader

One such reader was Annie – whose real name begins with Q, she tells us mysteriously – and who is unfamiliar with snow, due to living somewhere very warm in the Middle East!

This is for her – on a promise!

car windscreen with snow

Snow in the Cotswolds – for Annie

What’s the weather in your part of the world today, readers? Please share and we can get to know each other better.


21 thoughts on “Know Your Reader

  1. Good morning, Cotswoldviews,
    Here in Poland we miss real winter with frost and snow, but it seems it’s comming since it got a bit colder (3 degrees Celcius below zero) and we’ve got a bit of snow. I wish there would be more snow – it can be so beautiful and I could take many nice pictures 🙂 It would be also great fun for children. My daughter loves snow!
    Good day to you 🙂

    • Hi Emilia – some of my fellow dog walkers are Polish and they told me it had been very cold a few weeks ago. My children have just visited Moscow (-30C) and Australia (+30C) so big contrasts! I hope your daughter gets some snow to play in x

  2. I promised my son-in-law to be that we always ALWAYS have snow here in winter. Fortuitously it began to fall with a vengeance the day they arrived and didn’t stop until after I dropped them to go home yesterday. So now we have a little in our village (I call it ‘The Tropic of Champs since it is renowned for being the warmest village in the region) and a lottle everywhere else. Like the daughter of emiliaciepla above me I love snow which is just as well 😉

    • I love snow too, when I don’t have to go anywhere! As Billy Connolly famously said, “there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes” or words to that effect! Cheltenham is a bit like your village – a microclimate with weather of its own. Looks like we might have more before it is finished 🙂 x

  3. Hello Sue, I hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday! It’s been snowing every day for about a week here in the west of Sweden (although the volume of the snow on the ground never actually seems to accumulate – it melts away mysteriously when I’m not paying attention). Today it’s -3 C – I’m looking forward to a brisk, crunch-under-my-shoes-walk later 🙂 X

    • Sweden must be incredible in the snow – I’ve only visited in the summer. Currently I’m reading Sjöwall and Wahlöö, ‘The Man on the Balcony” but it is summer in that too! Just the latest in many Scandi novels … Do post some pictures of your crunchy walk, won’t you? 🙂 x

      • I’ve never read Sjöwall and Wahlöö, just heard about them… I’m too easily scared to read crime novels 🙂 Are you enjoying the book? Oh, it’s gorgeous further up north in Sweden, but I’m in the south, on the west coast… Not really the same kind of dramatic and romantic landscape! I’ll send you a pic if there’s any snow left tomorrow. And if there isn’t… I’ll send you a pic anyway! X

      • I seem to read a lot of crime novels! The books are said to be the forerunner of the modern genre and they are enjoyable, though the pace is very different. Written in the 1960s, they had to wait weeks for letters with evidence instead of relying on the internet! I’d love to see a photo of western Sweden: that would be great! x

      • I can imagine that the lack of internet and mobile phones makes a big difference in the W&S books! Does it still work though, or do you get frustrated as a 21st century reader? I’m sorry, I keep forgetting to take a picture, so I posted two old ones for you instead… They’re from the town where I grew up which is a bit (though not much!) further up north in Sweden. Plenty of forest there, and usually quite a bit of snow too 🙂 X

  4. Hi Sue! Living in a small coastal village, weather is surely a popular theme here. “Red sky at night, sailors delight, Red sky at dawn, sailors be warned” kind of exchanges. Today promises to be clear with temperatures in the fifties. This is a good thing.

    • Ah yes, my grandfather was a sea captain and he used to cast an eye at the sky and mutter “too many mackerels” if the clouds warned of rain. Most of his predictions were accompanied by muttering and shaking his head, now I think of it! 😀 x

  5. I am speechless. I really am, and its not only because of that beautiful snow but because you actually posted it here with my name on it!! Thank You reallyy!!! I feel so happy! 😀 😀

  6. Here in Crete we’ve had rain, sleet and snow so our wood burner has been working overtime. Today looks brighter so we’ll drive up the mountain to the snow level and then go for a walk in wellie boots. In just one week we will pack our bags to head back to the Cotswolds to watch spring unfold. X

    • I’ve experienced some of the weather that Crete can throw at you, Yvonne! We had a glorious holiday there in spring, with beautiful flowers & sunshine, but also tremendously strong winds, which blew all the hotel’s beach furniture nearly a mile downwind! It’s milder here today and still. The first lambs were born at the Cotswold Farm Park on Friday! 🙂

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