The Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood walkies and a spot of culture

This blog is much more picture-rich, as a challenge to myself (creating a gallery) and answering the #Blogging101 task to use a different form of post.

The Dogginator was primed for a long walk. I had my wellies on and phone camera to hand. Our task: to capture some images representative of the locality. The background to this is that my sister teaches UK culture to her students in Spain, so I took some snapshots along the way for her benefit & I share them here for your enjoyment.

One theme that quickly became apparent was old and new. Old signs, new signs.

Old buildings, even older buildings. The villages have grown enormously in the past thirty years and typically, I can’t yet see the new buildings as worth pointing a camera at. Yet.

I make an exception for a new cottage constructed along traditional lines.

Even in a short walk, there are plenty of opportunities to photograph religious architecture. The soaring majesty of the parish church contrasts with the smaller chapel and other buildings that have been deconsecrated and now make characterful family homes.

The walk we took is partly covered by a wonderful account Under A Cotswold Height – Stockwell Lane, by Tim Curr, published by the BBC, which I invite you to read for sheer Cotswold indulgence.


8 thoughts on “The Neighbourhood

  1. Lovely pictures. Lots of similarities with our village here in Wiltshire (Kington Langley). I like the fox weathervane too. There are so many different weathervanes around here… I must take some photographs of them one day.

  2. OMG!! I love this post! Beautiful photos. Did you take them ‘recently’? I’m wondering how you have no snow and flowers?

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