Variations on a Theme

Plus ca change …

Task number four from the Blogging University #Blogging101 was to explore the range of WordPress themes available.

Having carefully weighed the pros and cons and chosen what I thought was an appropriate theme just days before, I wasn’t expecting to learn much. Naturally I’d wanted to present my best face to the world when embarking on the blogging course, so I had found a Cotswold View photo to garnish my ‘Bushwick’ theme, tweaked the basics a bit and thought I was set.

Intrepid Explorer

So off I went to explore and try a few out as instructed. One of the things I’d missed about the themes gallery is that you can learn about the possibilities of adapting the theme, as well as previewing it. I struggled with one or two that looked stunning in the WordPress thumbnail but less than gorgeous when applied to my blog. This is probably because I haven’t added images in the right places and I’m sure it could be fixed.

I should add at this point that, although I previewed some paid themes, I had no intention of investing at this stage. As it turned out, the most expensive one to catch my eye didn’t look great at all and was easily discarded. I have selected a few favourites from among the rest for your delectation and deliberation – what do you think? If you’d like to try to persuade me to change, I’m listening! Here they are.



I felt that Beacon offered a clear, easy to use style with clear routes to all the blog’s content, though the colour is a little Eeyore-gloomy and the blog title rather small.


Blog theme Sequential

A purple passage?

I have a soft spot for this particular shade of purple. You’ll find it in my logo and liberally distributed on my website. Should I make the change and get the matching set?


elegant Choco blog theme

Chocolately elegance

The Choco theme is darkly seductive and must be a marketer’s dream. If you can’t sell something with ‘choc’ in the name, you’re doing something wrong, frankly! I like its hand-stitched, tooled leather elegance but decided it’s a bit masculine for me. Am I wrong about this, though?

Little Theme

blog theme with 70s buildings

Small town girl meets world?

For me, this theme sits just the right side of kitsch and, I have to admit, I’m a little in love. I hadn’t expected to be drawn to the 70s retro design but I love its optimistic images of sunshine and the trees dotted among the houses. Maybe it’s the Scots in me, but the $75 price tag did put me off. If I thought it would win me a following of loyal readers, I might be persuaded.

I’m going to check back regularly to see whether my readers think I made the right choice initially, or vote for a change! Great task – I’ve enjoyed this first week immensely.


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