Capturing My Dream Reader

My Dream Reader

I find myself wondering – what are my readers like? The first thing – the most important thing – is that they are a self-selecting group. They come, they see & hopefully they read! No element of choice on my part at all. It’s not like meeting and deciding about the credentials of a life partner, is it? I don’t have to worry about whether they slurp their tea or are possessive of the TV remote control. If they are moody or fail to wash their socks, I will never know. (Unless they tell me – and I am reading their blogs to find out!)
Today’s task asks us to consider our ideal reader, however. So if I had to specify some characteristic qualities, I might describe someone who is:
  • Obsessive – willing to keep coming back
  • Chilled – able to overlook differences of opinion & accept a different viewpoint
  • Sociable – looking for a giggle & happy to share a joke or observation in return
  • International – I have a thirst for knowledge, so all are welcome, from near & far
  • Specialist in their own blogs – I like to follow back & refer you to my thirst for knowledge, mentioned above.
At this point in my blogging career, there’s no such thing as a reader I would reject and I doubt there ever would be – the more the merrier. However, one category that might make me nervous is a grammarian (just in case of temporary grammatical amnesia, you understand?). At least I thought that, until I made the virtual acquaintance of fellow blogger Anna Nolan, whose blog, Flaming English, features the niceties of the English language, and we had fun together. At which point her charm won me over and now she’s one of my dream readers.
Having caught the attention of my dream reader, with luck I’ll persuade each of them that following my blog is worthwhile. So I’m faced with the task of capturing the ephemeral – a dream – armed only with the butterfly net of my words. And if that proves to be possible, I can only say, “thank you” to those who decide to stay.
Graffiti girl with butterfly net

Capturing my dream reader

 Image credit:  Santa Barbara subscriber,

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