Saying Hello to My Neighbours

A Virtual Hello

Today’s Blogging101 task involves socialising online – something that now comes quite naturally as I spend much of my working life managing social media accounts. Nevertheless, it’s daunting to step into someone else’s carefully tended blog space and leave your muddy footprints where they’ve just vacuumed. Hopefully, arriving with a fragrant bouquet of compliments and comments will make me welcome.


Apparently there are 7,000 of us on the current blogging course and it’s tempting to run about following each and every blog. What is the capacity of WordPress Reader, by the way? Bit worried it might explode, if I follow too many! Naturally the choice is narrowed by personal preference, so that helps. Then I had to have a stern word with myself and just pick a few. Tomorrow is, after all, another day.

I followed the task instructions methodically and had a look at Reader, viewing some of the recommendations under Writing and Blogging first. The title Stroppy Editor immediately appealed to my work persona – and I wasn’t disappointed. Chalk up one follow.

Next I looked at the You May Like section. And I didn’t. But wait! Isn’t that my Twitter friend Lucy writing about Travel and with a picture of Concorde on her current post? A must! This is more like it!

I tried the Search function but without much luck. It raised the question – if I tag my blog post ‘humour’ will it be found by someone searching for ‘humour’? Sorry, American friends!

Support, encourage and interact

So far, the blogs I’d found on Reader all have large, active readerships. Remembering that part of today’s task is to support and encourage my fellow students, I’ll mention the gems I’ve discovered so far.

One of the bloggers I followed on Day 1 was London Paris Milan Bla  who had chosen a lively, literal interpretation of today’s task. I immediately took her up on one of her excellent recommendations and followed LaChouett.

Another światło jest w nas is one of the several international blogs, which will inspire my & tickle my language learning muscle daily. I love the gentle way that the author has of encouraging others to join her in reading her blog. Have you discovered your Statistics yet, dear reader? Great fun to see where in the world your readers are located!

Crowd heading down a walkway to a funfair

Heading for where the action is

So now we have some blogs to follow and also some followers to call our own, let’s head down to where the action is and have some fun!


7 thoughts on “Saying Hello to My Neighbours

  1. Hello, Cotswold Views!
    Thank you for visiting my site! I’ve been a bit affraid of the muddy footprints, but to my supprise I didn’t find any. Instead, I’ve met nice, interesting people, people very much like me (meaning common, but hoping nice and interesting, too :)))
    I hope my English is good enough, but you are welcome to try some Polish, too :)))

    • Hi Emilia!
      Dzień dobry – I knew how to say it, but had to look up the spelling.
      Glad to hear that your blog is unsullied by my visit and I hope to share a coffee and a warm bowlful of words with you quite often from now on.
      Sue 🙂

  2. What a brilliant post, Sue; I love your wit and turn of phrase! I find blogging, and following others’ blogs, quite seductive, but, if one is not careful, one can happily spend a whole day doing just that, so your mention of having had a stern word with yourself has certainly struck a chord. That said, I will try to check out the blogs recommended by you; how nice of you to be supporting fellow bloggers! Very best wishes. 🙂

    • What lovely feedback, Anna – thank you! Today’s task for the #Blogging101 students is to describe our ideal reader. I don’t think I need look any further than you. I hope you enjoy the blogs mentioned. I now know how much work has gone into them. 🙂

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