Say Your Name

Say what now?

Today I found myself looking on Twitter to see who Hugh Laurie follows. As you do. (Well, he’s got a gazillion followers, so I wondered who was worthy of a follow-back from the hilarious one.) Anyway, this proved to be quite helpful for the #Blogging101 task in hand, viz: Say Your Name – working on your blog title and tagline.


One of the word-squeezingly impossible tasks asked of new Twitter users is to meld their very essence into a teeny, tiny space allotted to the user’s biography and define what they’re about. And this is where Laurie’s followers have trumped almost everyone on the whole social network. As comedy writers, they must have hewn and crafted for hours*, or else they’re just so gifted that we lesser mortals can’t possibly hope to keep up. I’ll give you some examples and see whether you think they’re good too:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 14.32.04

Ee Gee?

Hugo Rifkind, “Wife and mother. Wait. No.”

Rob Brydon simply states, “Chap.”

Gale Tattersall cheats, “Easier to go to my personal website …”

I was a bit dismayed at the dishonest assertion of Joel Stein, “Joel Stein is following you!” he merrily claims. Which obviously he isn’t.

Others are factual, but dull: “TV producer” or “I am involved in the making of documentaries” – really, Louis Theroux? With not a hint of irony or humour to relieve the tedium.

Yet others – leave the space blank.

My efforts

So my efforts to improve upon what I’ve already called my blog and what I’ve asserted is its intent haven’t changed. It is what it is. I’m neither a creationist nor an evolutionary but we’ll see what happens, shall we?

*some irony intended

5 thoughts on “Say Your Name

    • Ah interesting ambiguity, Stephen! The “it is what it is” was a comment and the tagline is “a blogger’s thoughts from home” (see to the left). Should have thought that bit out more carefully! Thanks for your reply.

      • What more thinking is required? I loved your post! I’m a huge fan of KISS (keep it simple, stupid), and your idea to emulate the masters of self-expression (via Hugh Laurie) was inspiring. From one marketing communications worker to another, I dips my lid!

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