#Blogging101 – The Journey

Well this is exciting!

Despite writing about my clients and their products all day and every day – it really does seem like that during weekends and holidays – I’m here at the Blogging University learning how to set and run a personal blog.

My Aims


At the moment, I can’t see the proverbial wood for the trees. My aim is to gain inspiration, instruction and a bit of the old va-va-voom to get me going and give me a sense of direction. I’m also keen to read others’ versions of the same assignments, to see how widely they differ and how my fellow students interpret instructions in creative ways.

I’ll be tickled pink if the course enables me to narrow down what I’d like to write about. I’ve had a portfolio career so far, so have insights into lots of businesses but this time it’s personal and whether it turns out to be cakes or campanology, I’m sure something we explore will set me on the path to a personal blogging mission.

Dear Readers?

So why do I have the audacity to think that anyone will read my blog? A small part of me is secretly hoping, in the most perverse way, that nobody will! But hopefully bits of it will be entertaining in a chucklesome way and we might learn from each other as we go along. Do join me – it’s going to be a scenic ride!

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